Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wired to the mains


I'm not sure where to even begin with today's post. I'm not sure I even have a proper post in me. Today has been massively intense, utterly exhausting and hugely rewarding. We were told by the programme facilitators that today would be the most challenging day and things would really step up a gear: they weren't lying. It is gone midnight and I am blogging in bed in the hope it will help me wind down as I feel wired to the mains.

No Skype session with my boys this evening as I simply haven't had time (bad mother/wife). I made a brief phone call to check in with the husband. Dexter has had an emotional day. In my head, he is pining for his mummy; in reality, he is probably teething - again. Dexter's low points were pretty much refusing to eat and having a tantrum every time feeding him was attempted. Highlights were another trip to the park and the arrival of Nana and Grandad.

In contrast to my son, I have managed to eat very well. Stepping up a gear has necessitated extra fuel. Being part of this four-day programme has felt even more like an episode of 'The Apprentice' today. I'm half-expecting Lord Sugar to rock up at breakfast tomorrow to give us our task for the day. I'm enjoying myself immensely; I'm meeting great people and learning lots. In true 'Apprentice' style, I'm hoping that if our team is successful, there will be a 'treat'. Right now, I'd settle for a great big cuddle with the boy.

Only one more night away.

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