Sunday, 20 May 2012

Loving the little things


My nearest Starbucks is now open at ten (instead of eleven) on a Sunday morning. Now, this may seem a little thing to most, but it means I can squeeze in a chai tea latte and buttered fruit toast for breakfast on the way to riding: result.

Bolstered by my hearty/sugar-filled breakfast, I was raring to go when I reached the stables. I had been put on a tiny little pony called Monty. My heart sank. Not only is he a tiddler, but I have only ridden him once, years ago. He scared me and I cried and got off; I was thirty one. He actually turned out to be top fun - a super-talented pint sized pony - and I loved my lesson.

I spent the rest of the day putting coursework folders together - annotating endless essays and completing numerous cover sheets. It was not a little job by any stretch of the imagination and I had to fit it around playing with and feeding the boy.

My tedious afternoon was brightened up by capturing the little moment in today's #366 photo: my boys in their matching stripes, chewing the fat at bath time.

I follow a lady on Twitter whose blog is called 'Loving the Little Things'. She's a photographer and really sees the beauty in the most everyday occurrences. I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing her mantra; I think it's something we could all live by.

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