Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sunshine Saturday!


Hold the front page! Today, it stopped raining, and the actual sun came out. Really. To celebrate, I went to Sainsbury's. Not really. Well I did go to Sainsbury's but not as a sun celebration, more because the fridge was empty.

It took me twenty whole minutes to park the car on my return, and then I was four roads away from the flat. At least I didn't get wet walking back from the car. Having put the shopping away, I met up with dear lift-share friend to view some artists' open houses as part of the Brighton Festival. It's something we do every year. I have completely given up the pretence of the purpose being to look at art. I have an interior design obsession and relish the opportunity to have a nosey around some of Brighton's characterful dwellings.

After said nosey, we met up with the husband and the boy at a local hairdresser's salon, as Dexter was very much in need of a haircut. He's currently more hair than boy, and it took a steady-handed hairdressing mummy, to whip off those 'hair handlebars' and thin out the substantial mullet. Dexter didn't really enjoy the experience and cried and wriggled a lot; the end result was a vast improvement on the previous Pat Sharp look.

We celebrated by going to our local's beer garden. Other lift-share lady (currently on maternity leave), also joined us with her five month old. A usually diminutive Dexter looked like such a big boy next to friend's baby, especially with his newly-trimmed barnet. Despite the boy's lack of walking, we're definitely in the toddler zone now: a whole new phase...

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