Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What's in a word?


This morning, Dexter and I drove into work with only one of the lift-share ladies: Jo. The other third (Becka) had to attend a meeting after work at a different school, so took herself in. We still managed a coffee on the way, which took the form of a drive-by roll-out at the garage, to be greeted by Becka who had already purchased the required caffeine fix for us. Now that's what friends are for.

Back in the car, the conversation turned to my new toddler book as mentioned in a previous post. The lift-share ladies are very good at keeping any of my parental anxieties and over-analysis in check, but Jo liked the sound of the book as it's by Dr Tanya. I have chosen to fixate on the language acquisition part of the twelve to eighteen months section. According to Dr Tanya, by about fifteen months, toddlers are likely to have about ten words; Dexter has none. He is an expert in raspberry blowing and sing-songy babble. I'm not too concerned about this, but we are going to make the boy's chatting a lift-share project.

On the way home from school, we made a diversion via a farm that does a healthy annual trade in home-grown asparagus - don't worry, I'm not going to attempt that word with the boy. Dexter and I met a very nice lady and her ancient pony, Buzz. The boy was all smiles as he patted the pony's nose, and his little legs were wiggling about in excitement. This pleased me greatly, as it bodes very well for my aspiration that Dexter will love our hoofed friends as much as mummy does. I'd love his first word to be 'pony'.

Today's #366 photo depicts more bath time schooling - 'edutainment' if you will. I was overjoyed that he seemed to understand the word 'head', was able to point to it and balance a plastic cup on it. Now I've just got to get him to say it...

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