Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Moving on


Today proved to be another scorcher. My traditionally drizzly bus duty proved to be a balmy joy, even at such an early hour. The sunshine continued in a metaphorical way with some lovely lessons: more poems from the little ones in Year 7; last lesson with me for the oldest in the school - my Year 13 class. We had a lovely time, basically pigging out on doughnuts and brownies and chatting about the future. They presented me with a lovely card and bunch of flowers. It's so rewarding to feel that I may have had even a tiny impact on a person's life and experience in the world. Again, I saw things differently through 'mummy eyes'. Some other people's 'babies' are about to embark upon their next big life adventure - be it university, gap year or the world of work. I shall miss them.

My baby was in the sandpit when I collected him; his life journey is only just starting. The next stage for him though was not the lofty highs of academia or a round-the-world adventure, but a trip to Tesco before bath and bed.

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