Friday, 25 May 2012

A shower of emotions


Another memorable day for some of my students today: time to bid the GCSE students farewell. I spent an hour in my very sweaty classroom, signing shirts - whilst students were wearing them - and therefore, avoiding writing anywhere other than a sleeve. They were so excited about their big day, despite the fact they'll be back in for exams next week. It was lovely to witness - and also made me feel very old.

Despite an earlier than normal nursery pick-up and the first iced Starbucks of the year, I was Mrs Mardy (a northernism for grumpy), this evening. It started with the boy's bath time, which I thought I would make both speedy and refreshing, by substituting it for a cool-ish shower. Error. He HATED it and was utterly hysterical. Going to have to work on that one. Put him to bed in nowt but a nappy and vest though as the warm spell continues.

I spent the rest of the evening feeling tired and sulky, for no real reason at all. I think I'm allowed to occasionally. Am sure I will perk up when the weekend starts.

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