Thursday, 10 May 2012



At lunchtime today, I became involved in a conversation about Twitter and television - actually, I started the discussion. I mentioned the really inspiring blog of a lady I follow on Twitter, whose daughter has to wear a Spica. This led to further discussion of hospital-based, child-focused television programmes and how emotionally difficult they can be to watch. One of my colleagues, a mother of a little boy only a few months older than Dexter, was curious as to how I have the time for television and social networking sites. I fear it is yet more evidence of my questionable parenting. My iPhone is like an extra limb to me, and my capacity for terrible tv programmes is tremendous. Granted, most of my viewing takes place once Dexter has gone to bed, and is usually accompanied by planning/marking/Tweeting - hey, I'm a woman: I can multi-task.

The phone thing is more of an issue. It's all too easy to get through the door after a long day, get Dexter's toys out, settle on the sofa and half-heartedly play with him, whilst catching up with the day's comings and goings through a range of apps.

Slightly guilt-ridden, I collected the boy an hour earlier today. Instead of having his tea at nursery, he scoffed it in the back of lift-share friend's car. By the time we got home, he only needed to have his remaining snacks, so we enjoyed a little 'high tea' together. It wasn't quite The Ritz: I had a mug of builder's and two fig rolls, and he demolished a packet of raisins and threw some crisps at the cat - who ate them most willingly.

I have tried to capture this 'quality time' in today's #366 photo. I have recently discovered a brilliant app that enables you to create photo collages. It took me a good ten minutes to create the little montage above, during which time, Dexter 'read' some of his books to himself perfectly happily. He seems to be equally content in his own company as he is hanging out with mummy. Perhaps this is just how it should be...

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