Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sun and fun


After last night's random bout of sulkiness, today was ace! I made a lone and quick journey into town to pick up a few things I needed, then Team Wayne drove out to Goring-by-Sea, just beyond Worthing. It has been another gloriously sunny day, and the beach there is just gorgeous and lacks the chaos and crowds of Brighton in the sunshine.

We enjoyed a stroll along the promenade, some simply super fish and chips, and a play on the pebbles. Dexter had a ball, and, like his mummy, seemed to enjoy just watching the world go by. It's amazing how many people want to chat to a small crawling person in Hawaiian shorts and a sunhat.

After the weekly splurge in Waitrose, I headed off to a friend's annual Eurovision party, whilst the husband stayed at home with Dexter. It was brilliantly cheesy, Euro-tastic fun, with people taking along various national dishes and scoring some of the worst possible performances you could watch on television.

The Hump was robbed: the only low point of the day.

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