Saturday, 19 May 2012

Weekend Fun


Today's #366 photo is supposed to represent a typical Saturday in the life of Dexter Rye Wayne. The day must start with a lie-in and then breakfast in pyjamas. The boy is partial to a couple of rounds of buttered, toasted milk roll. I like the toast photo. It got 're-tweeted' by Brit Mums this morning under their theme of 'cheese' - cheesy smile, cheese on toast.

I didn't get a snap of the boy helping mummy with the Waitrose run. To be honest, I only took him so I could use the parent-child parking spaces, but it's the most awkward car park in the world and there were none left anyway.

All this activity meant that by the time it came to leaving the house, Dexter was ready for a snooze, albeit a mobile, alfresco one. This allowed mummy ample time to run amok in Gap armed with some birthday gift vouchers and a 30% off promotion from a magazine.

The afternoon was rounded off with a visit from Lazza, a dear old university pal and the first person I met on arrival in Brighton too many moons ago. Lazza had been having a blissed-out time on Hove seafront and was in need of a caffeine fix - well, I fancied a coffee (obviously) and used her as an excuse.

Laz is an IT genius and technical saviour of this very blog as I initially spent a month writing it backwards. She doesn't have children, but thinks the boy is 'lush'. I agree!

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