Thursday, 24 May 2012

The lows and the highs


Today was a momentous day for Dexter Rye Wayne. When I collected him from nursery, there seemed to be a little huddle of staff around him. The poor little dot had been stung by a wasp, on the palm of his left hand. Now, this was obviously a biggie. Don't think badly of me, but I'm actually quite glad it happened at nursery. Apparently the boy was hysterical: inconsolable. Sarah was there though with ice, antiseptic and cuddles.

The silver lining to this stingy cloud was that Dexter got stung taking some tiny independent steps. He actually had his first unsupported toddle yesterday, but the staff hadn't told me yet as they weren't sure whether I wanted to know about 'firsts' that happen at nursery rather than at home. I'm happy to experience them vicariously; I just want to know they are happening and when.

On the way home, the lovely lift-share ladies and I stopped off in Lewes. We went in a gorgeous, quirky independent shop that stocks homeware and kids' toys and clothes. Dexter was more than content playing with a little train set in there, so I feel happy that he wasn't completely traumatised by his day. And we are also happy in the knowledge that Dexter didn't have an allergic reaction to the sting.

Glass half full. 

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