Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Food is the answer


This morning was the culmination of last night's hard work. It was a snippet of what the programme is preparing us to do on a bigger scale. I thought it went really well, and it was a real confidence boost. The rest of the day had a distinctly slower pace; we'd reached the peak of the mountainous challenge and were on the descending path. The course facilitators were even ushering us away at five o'clock, to have some time out before the celebratory barbecue.

I took this opportunity to Skype home. I got a few pixelated smiles from Dexter. He'd spent the morning in the newly re-opened Brighton Sea Life Centre. Initially, he liked the tanks. Today's gem of a #366 photo was taken as the boy's daddy deigned to put him down. Shortly after this, Dexter fell soundly asleep, leaving Daddy, Nana and Grandad to enjoy the underwater creatures. The boy regained consciousness for lunch in an Italian restaurant where he was impeccably behaved.

I stuffed my face too at this evening's rather deluxe barbecue. Lights out at midnight; almost time for home.

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