Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Frolics!


I have taken my #366 photos on the day as promised, but I'm updating the next four posts on Monday 7th May (bank holiday), as it's been my birthday weekend.

This picture was taken on Friday evening, when I was due to be going out with friends to celebrate the passing of another year in my life. I was in charge of the boy's bath time, hence in the photo he has sopping wet hair and is blowing raspberries at me in revenge for some inconsiderate hair washing.

Friday night was fun: cocktails and karaoke. I only had four drinks, but still managed to crawl into bed past one o'clock. Pre-Dexter, this would have been an early night, but now there's a small person in my life, the fear starts to set in around about midnight. I guess I'm a little like Cinderella and he's my handsome little prince.

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