Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pub and Perspective


This morning I woke up with my eyes glued together with gunk. Deep joy: I have caught the boy's conjunctivitis. I also have a hacking cough (I fear there may have been some more germ transferal), and sound like a Woodbine-smoking octogenarian.

I'm feeling the pressure at work at the moment again; the balance is tipping the wrong way. Term five marks a very busy time in the secondary school teacher's calendar. It's exam season, which means endless assessments to mark, revision sessions to run, and spreadsheets to complete. This is all on top of business as usual with non-exam groups.

On the way home, we were diverted slightly from our usual route due to a road traffic accident. Lift-share friend and I decided that dinner and a glass of vino at the local were needed. We found out some more details about the accident which was actually very serious - a stark reminder that everything is just stuff really. Today's #366 photo captures what really matters. Blessed.

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