Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bright Eyes


This morning, Dexter woke up and we had run out of his milk. He won't drink normal cow's milk and he was hysterical. Cue an emergency visit to Tesco Express at about half past seven. Thankfully, he calmed down pretty soon after that and promptly fell back to sleep.

By the time I had returned from my riding lesson, the boy was in the throes of full-blown conjunctivitis. I'm not sure today's #366 photo truly shows the extent of the gloopiness. Poor boy. I was hosting 'Book Club' this afternoon, so Dexter spent the afternoon in his room with his Daddy, reading playing and watching Mr Tumble. It was probably just what he needed.

This month's Book Club read was 'The Hunger Games', a book aimed at a teenage audience, which features a dystopian future North America where children compete in a competition by killing each other. We discussed how the story almost read like a description of a computer game, and perhaps this was one of the ways the writer had attempted to protect her younger readers. Dexter's current condition is bringing out my protective instincts. He's been really good, and he doesn't seem to be in obvious pain, but he does keep rubbing his eyes which are stuck together at the lashes. In the world of the book, his eyes would be magically fixed. In reality, he's probably in for a few days of discomfort.

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