Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Word perfect


This morning, Dexter and I went to a friend's house for a play date. Hannah is a lovely mummy friend whom I was fortunate enough to meet through NCT classes. She is mummy to the delicious Lady Lottie, a clever little sausage.

I've not seen them for ages - Hannah is a fellow teacher- lady, working mummy. In the months I haven't seen them, Lottie (slightly younger than Dexter), seems to have become a four year old.

Upon arrival, Dexter took about fifteen minutes to unpeel himself from my legs and play with some blocks; Lottie roamed around using lots of different words and basically doing proper chatting. She even referred to Dexter by his name, albeit in a sort of South African accent.

I know I shouldn't compare, but my boy's language acquisition has, as of yet, still not kicked in. He has nothing beyond 'Mama' and 'Dada', and even they aren't really directed at us. I'm not sure at what point my concern is supposed to translate into seeking advice or guidance, or whether I just let him get to it in his own time.

Verbal limitations aside, we had a lovely time, and Dexter was particularly partial to the baked eggs Hannah had prepared for his lunch. I will not dwell on the fact that Lottie ate her eggs with a fork, Dexter with his hands.

One thing the little dots do have in common is their ability to sleep, which they've shared from a young age. Lottie was in bed as we left and the boy snoozed the afternoon away at home. I'm sticking to my mother's theory that 'they come on in their sleep'. I'm sure I've mentioned this before; it's obviously a mantra I'm clinging to. And if I'm completely honest, sleep wins out over everything for me anyway.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Team Tantrum


Today, Dexter has mainly looked like this: Team Captain of the Olympic Whinging Squad; Lord Tantrum of Tantrumsville; expert grump.

I took him out for a late morning stroll, taking in a local deli for lunch and Sainsbury's for some pre-holiday stocking up of baby necessities. He slept for the sum total of forty minutes.

The boy has had too little sleep, has thrown everything out of his cot and has dragged his beloved blanket around after him like Linus from Charlie Brown.

I have done my best to watch as much Olympic equestrian cross-country as possible; I'm sure it's educational.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Go-slow Sunday


Dexter awoke, crying, at five thirty this morning. A rather tired/jaded/hungover husband and I were sharing a room with him. Thank goodness for my mother. I have a vague recollection of seeing her out of the corner of my eye, running - gazelle-like - into the room and spiriting him away. Thank Crunchie (and mum).

I actually got up just after nine o'clock - not bad for someone who consumed a lot of vodka and lemonade and didn't get to bed until gone two this morning. Grandad was just taking the boy out in his pushchair, allowing me the luxury of an undisturbed breakfast of tea, toast and Nurofen.

The parents left before lunchtime. The rest of Team Wayne's day was spent in loungewear and eating comfort food, while Dexter perfected his 'pose' for the camera, as demonstrated above. Smooth.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rave mum


Dexter spent the day with his grandparents and cousin today. They took him to Goring-by-Sea; he went mental when they tried to take him off the stony beach.

The husband and I spent the day at a dear friend's wedding. It was a glorious affair. The weather was fabulous, everything and everyone looked gorgeous, there was a lot of love in the air, and I was 'raving' in my bridesmaid dress and pink hoody by eleven o'clock in the evening, in a tent, to House of Pain.

I like the fact that motherhood hasn't really changed me.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Wedding preparations


Things seem to be on a little more of an even keel today. I managed to get the boy to have a morning nap, old school style. This was particularly helpful as my parents and niece arrived today to be wedding babysitters.

Shortly after they arrived (and the boy finally woke up), I had to head off to a field in the heart of the West Sussex countryside to jolly-up a marquee. Fortunately, I seemed to have missed most of the hard work in dressing the venue, and instead, ended up holding the bride-to-be's seven month old baby, which included changing a toxic nappy. Not quite the break from mothering duties I had anticipated!

Dexter spent the afternoon with his extended family at the park, mainly eating grandma's cake under a tree.

In the evening, I had a lovely girls' dinner at the hotel where the bride is staying, after which I drove back to Brighton to catch some of the London Olympics opening ceremony. With weddings and huge sporting events on the agenda, it definitely feels like summer.

Thursday, 26 July 2012



The husband's birthday today, and I managed to get up in time to heat some croissants and chuck some already-chopped-up fruit into a bowl: good wife. Dexter did not get up in time to proffer his gifts to Daddy himself. He did however manage two faux naps before sleeping from twelve until three.

We had a bit of time in the garden before walking into town again with lovely lift-share friend. We are both bridesmaids for a dear friend on Saturday, but the pale pink dresses are crying out for some tanned skin. Given that naturally, I am an unpleasing blue hue, a spray tan is the quickest fix.

The boy wasn't the easiest companion. He seems to be going through a rather alarming phase filled with tantrums and hitting his own head. I have sought reassurance from books and the Internet and apparently, the head-hitting is not too out of the ordinary - nevertheless, it's distressing to see. It seems to be compounded by the heat at the moment. Dexter is persistently hot, bothered and fractious.

I am wondering if it is another case of 'baby karma'. My easy-peasy, text book 'angel' baby seems to have become a tricky toddler. In more uplifting news, birthday visit to the cinema was cancelled, as the husband is now ill. Happy days.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Multi-functional treat


I woke up this morning with swollen glands and a sore throat and had to cancel my plans again. Was supposed to be visiting a friend with a newborn, but don't want to be passing my weird lurgy (whatever it is) around to tiny people.

Think the boy may be sharing it as he's persisting in his weird middle-of-the-day sleep pattern. If I'm honest, I think a mental end of term is catching up with us both and we're just collapsing. Theorising aside, with the sleep in the morning/early afternoon, the late afternoons seem to be better for us both. This was particularly fortunate today as Dexter and I had to make a visit into town to buy gifts for the husband's birthday tomorrow.

Finding shopping completely uninspiring, today's #366 photo captures Dexter being entertained by a box of raisins, which are both a favourite of his and part-food, part-puzzle. The photo also captures a rare moment of today with the boy in clothes; it's pleasingly hot, and current garment of choice is nowt but a nappy.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fine and sandy


As predicted yesterday, I woke up feeling completely crap. I felt like I'd been hit by a steam roller, and just generally wanted to crawl back into bed. I cancelled plans to catch up with a friend and hit the Nurofen Express and endless cups of tea. This got me through to eleven, when the boy slept until two this afternoon. This doesn't fit with his Huffle routine at all, but I was glad of the respite.

As I managed a nap myself, I woke up feeling a little more human, and realised I needed to be out of the house for the cleaner. I took Dexter to our local Toys R Us, which unsurprisingly made me feel a tad fragile again. Having negotiated our way around aisles of brightly coloured and violently flashing gubbins, I settled on a sand and water table.

I managed to lug the boy, the tray, some moulds and a bag of sand that is probably a third of my body weight, from a street away (damn parking), to the back garden. It proved to be a hit with the boy, but after about twenty minutes of Dexter pouring freezing and sandy water over his own head, he was chilly and filthy. The quickest solution was a warm shower; he SCREAMED.

The shower trauma helped bring about a relapse in my weird achy, flu-like thing. In the absence of any from the husband, I took to Twitter for some sympathy.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Day one in the sick mother house...


Well, first day of the glorious six week holiday and I was awake and out of bed at half past seven: this is unheard of. In a bid to seize the day, the boy and I were in the park before half past nine: again, unheard of.

It was a beautiful summery day and Dexter really enjoyed the freedom to toddle around without the need for hand-holding/being chased. He did get quite distracted by passing buses. I guess he was quite an amusing sight, as he worked his camp zombie stroll along the park path. A trendy, young, Brighton, twenty-something passer-by, declared him to be 'awesome'!

Naturally, we headed to the playground, which was pleasingly quiet. We managed some time on the swings before the lure of a patch of wood chips took over. In an attempt to distract Dexter from this, we headed over to the sand pit, which contains a lovely, toddler-friendly 'water feature'. Three minutes later, and the boy was completely sodden, hence we were back at home by eleven and Dexter enjoyed an early bath.

After lunch, we both managed a book and a snooze - an uncharacteristically short hour and a half. With the sun still shining, the boy and I ventured into our shared garden - a place I rarely visit. It was pleasingly shady, but the fresh air was restorative as the afternoon snoozing had left us both feeling a little groggy.

By the evening however, both mother and son were feeling more than a tad grizzly; his excuse is teeth, but I think I'm coming down with something. Smashing. What a way to start the holidays. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012



The sun came out today! In all its summery, it's actually July, gloriousness. Riding was good - outside and not in a boggy sand school.

Our friends, with whom we are going on holiday, came round this afternoon. The boys played nicely while the adults ate snacks, drank wine and booked hire cars.

We rounded the day off with an early evening trip to the park. Sunshine, sand, swings and good company.

Happy holidays!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Weekend loveliness


Having fallen asleep last night before eleven, due to semi-deadness induced by exhaustion, I was up surprisingly early with the boy, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.

We took him for a haircut at nine o'clock. Dexter was most unimpressed and had to be held in a (gentle) headlock by Daddy. He looks so much better though - and about twelve years old.

I spent the afternoon at a friend's house in London with my Book Club ladies. We drank pink fizzy stuff and didn't talk about the book. I cuddled said friend's five week old daughter - such a poppet!

Dexter went to the park with Daddy, and then ate some Indian snacks for his tea. We spent Saturday evening in Waitrose. We're all done in. Lights out before eleven again. It takes me a few weeks in the holidays to become nocturnal.

Friday, 20 July 2012

School's out for the summer!


Woke up feeling a little jaded but mustered up the strength for the last coffee and breakfast stop of the academic year. It may have been the last day, but I still had two lessons, a meeting and some marking.

The traditional shared staff lunch, speeches and end-of-term celebrations make me feel like part of a very special community.

In the car on the way home, lift-share ladies and I tried to articulate exactly what the end of term feeling actually is in a word. We concluded that we were just too tired to feel anything but numb exhaustion.

I do however, feel immensely proud of myself. I know I've only done something that thousands of people do every single day. That said, I found returning to work full-time in September, after seven months of maternity leave, really really tough, and there were times when I didn't think I could do it. But I can and I have.

My reward? Today's #366 photograph says it all.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The end is in sight...


I'm at the point in the week/term/year, where I'm just rolling with the punches. The boy doesn't quite have the maturity to adopt this attitude yet and was hysterical at the nursery drop-off this morning, as he saw Sarah with another baby.

School is killing me. Lessons and cover. Still marking furiously and attempting to sort new classroom. Exhaustion doesn't quite cover it.

After school brought some welcome relief in the form of afternoon tea and leaving speeches. I love that sort of celebratory occasion. It was a particular privilege to give one of the speeches about a dear friend and colleague moving on to pastures new.

Even more of a welcome relief was this evening's annual lift-share ladies' pub food and wine end-of-term celebration. I had arranged for the husband to collect the boy from me at the pub. Dexter made the most of his waiting time by toddling around in the beer garden, with me in pursuit, desperately trying to cross-examine the two male nursery workers (who were trying to enjoy a pint), about language acquisition.

After the boy went home with Daddy, the ladies and I put the world to rights. I was home by half-past nine. One more day...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mid-week maudlin


Oh my goodness, the days are starting to blur: the end is in sight, but not close enough. I am on auto pilot. A highlight today was a lovely card and very stylish teacher mug to say thank you from two of my Year Seven students. I keep all my thank you cards and letters and get them out to read after a really terrible day.

Today wasn't great. I collected the boy from nursery where he was 'helping' Sarah to close all of the windows as the weather was looking set to change. We arrived back in Brighton to a torrential downpour and some sad and unexpected family news.

But today's #366 photograph illustrates how a cuddle from Daddy makes everything better in the boy's world. Ah, if only grown-up life was so straightforward.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Terrific Tuesday


A much more 'yellow' day today! I woke up in my own bed - not in a tent at Year Eight Camp - after a wonderful eight hour sleep. The joy continued with a coffee stop and unhealthy pastry-based breakfast.

The students have been lovely today. I've moved classrooms; it's been chaotic but satisfying, and my ancient 'new' classroom has some unleashed potential.

When I collected the boy from nursery, he'd been playing in mud and wood chips - again. Sarah said he'd had a jolly day too, even attempting to join in at song time by beating his chest...

Dexter was having a lovely old time when I took today's #366 photograph. He likes to sit/stand in his walker - it reminded me of the trolleys used to move all of the stuff from my classroom today.

The day ended in a lovely citrus shade. I had some wine and discovered I have won a family pass for 'Lollibop' - 'The Big Bash for Little People'. I think this means that at some point in August, in a park in London, we get to meet Rastamouse. Brilliant.

Monday, 16 July 2012

And it was all yellow


This morning, an encounter with a student who was quite rude to me, coloured my day: grey. Despite the incident being dealt with swiftly and appropriately, I couldn't shake off how it had made me feel.

At home this evening, I was reading a fellow blogger's reflections on a really upbeat and positive family member, who faced personal setbacks, but coloured the world yellow.

Today's #366 photograph is a definite reminder that Dexter brings a lot of sunshine into my life. And in the absence of any actual sunshine today, but in the presence of a whole load of grey rain clouds, I only have to think about not being on Year Eight Camp this week, to bring a smile to my face.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Down time


I needed my riding lesson more than ever today. Dexter seems generally cross with the world and has been prone to a number of random outbursts and toddler tantrums.

Team Wayne has done very little today - just some gentle pootling and pottering around. Dexter was even allowed his tea in front of the television today in his vest: classy.

His highlight? The reading of 'Tough Trucks' about a million times on Daddy's lap. He loves that book - and Dexter's quite a fan too.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Garden Party


Today we went to a lovely friend's annual cream tea garden party. It was cold, wet and distinctly un-summery. I felt so bad for them. They have a beautiful home and an astonishing garden; this rapidly became an astonishing mud-pit.

After demolishing a cheese scone and hanging off a few random strangers' legs as he worked the room, Dexter located a small patch of slate chips. He happily sat in his raincoat and picked chunks of slate up, letting it fall through his fingers repeatedly. He's such a boy in that way and can seek out a grotty puddle from a mile away.

He had to be forcibly removed from the muddy quarry and stripped down to nowt but a nappy and vest to travel home in. I swear he'd had a nicer time than if it had been glorious sunshine!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday 13th


Dexter started his Friday 13th by falling off our bed. He wasn't hurt, but it should act as a cautionary reminder not to get too close to the edge...

Professionally, I feel a little on the edge. I'm moving classrooms next week, and finished packing it all up today. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was go to bed, but I had plans to go out for an end-of-term meal with my department.

I'm glad I shrugged off my tired grump as I had a really lovely time. There are many privileges to my job, one of which is working with a group of clever, funny and kind colleagues. I'm very lucky - not such a bad Friday 13th after all.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Back chat


Sometimes, accounts of my day begin to sound like I do a normal job: my day started with coffee and a meeting. Then, I have some lessons, and I'm firmly back in the world of being a teacher - but the lessons are the best bit!

I covered a PSHE lesson this afternoon. As we watched a DVD covering a plethora of topics from eating disorders to cyber bullying, I had a brief flash-forward to life beyond the toddler years - yikes!

I collected my toddler from nursery early today. He had to be woken up. Dexter's new routine seems to involve dropping his morning nap for epic three to four hour 'snoozes'!

Because we were early, I had time to give the boy his tea at home, read four books and do some playing. I am getting quite anxious now about his lack of language acquisition, that is, him having precisely no words. I can't help myself from googling it as a problem. Am I willing him to grow up?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012



Busy, busy, busy: so darned busy I said it thrice. Am really feeling doing the solo commute this week too as have been without my legendary lift-share ladies. Felt a wave of sadness that the boy was the only one left at nursery when I collected him. The only lovely moment today: Dexter had 'made' fairy cakes at nursery. They were well nice.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Limping towards the end of term...


I woke up tired this morning. Dexter was uncharacteristically unsettled at midnight last night. I also woke up convinced it was Friday: never a good start to the day.

Work has been pretty full-on. After the laid-back vibe of yesterday, I've had an exhausting day of power marking and dealing with students with my 'mum head' on; everyone is shattered.

When I collected the boy, Sarah said he'd not been quite right - clingy and very reliant on his dummy. He looks tired and grey and keeps getting sticky eyes.

At this time of year, I really feel like I should try harder to wind down towards the end of term (ha!), otherwise I will just break when it all stops!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Good sport


Today was whole-school sports day. It took place at Withdean Stadium - Brighton and Hove Albion's former ground - about five minutes away from my house. I did have the option of a small lie-in and heading straight there. Unfortunately, I had to do the Huffle Shuffle, only to get on a coach and head back to Brighton. The multiple journey start to my day only compounded my cynicism about the whole occasion.

However, upon arriving at the stadium, after a rather noisy coach journey with lots of over-excited Year Seven students, my spirits were lifted by the joyous news that there was a Costa machine on site.

Medium latte in hand, I was responsible for being part of the high jump adjudication team. It was actually really, really enjoyable. There was such a celebratory feeling in the air, the kids were great and it didn't rain. It was also really refreshing to see certain notorious students in a different light - excelling, achieving and making themselves proud.

The boy must have picked up on the good vibes. I was able to collect him earlier than usual, he gave me a big smile and there was no crying. We were back home by quarter past four so there was plenty of time for tea, play and reading. Dexter was in bed by half past six and I had an early night too. I figure that topping up our sleep at the start of the week gives us both a sporting chance of making it to the end of term sustaining a good mood.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wimbledon Sunday


I was back in the saddle today, after three weeks without riding. It was great to be back, and lovely to have those precious few hours where life's hecticness just stops, and my soul gets a little nourishment.

The weather is still insane: definitely a day for loungewear and staying indoors. Andy Murray had reached the Wimbledon Final. The match provided a gentle backdrop to a lazy Sunday afternoon. Naturally, Murray lost to the mighty Federer, but he didn't go down without a fight. Dexter slept through half of it, but I did prop him in front of the television and explained that he was watching a little bit of history. He seemed to find his blocks much more interesting.

His prolonged nap lasted until about six o'clock this evening. After tea, bath and a story, a very emotional little boy didn't want to go to bed. He's riddled with conjunctivitis again, so his eyes are sore too.

It's approaching nine o'clock now and he's just nodded off. Monday morning may be a bit of a struggle...

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Playing house


This afternoon, after a lovely long lie-in and leisurely brunch, Team Wayne ventured to an East Sussex village, about a thirty-five minute drive from Brighton. We had decided to act on some of my nightly Right Move browsing and go and take a look at a new housing development.

I think we surprised ourselves by how much we liked the (completely unaffordable) show home. The boy very much enjoyed doing several laps of the open plan downstairs living space. We may go back next weekend to view something a little more affordable; we are already preparing to feel disappointed.

All that viewing wiped the little man out and he slept soundly in the car while the husband and I ate McDonalds in the car park of said salubrious eaterie. We know how to live us Waynes.

The weather is bonkers at the moment, sort of warm, wet and tropical. It's definitely a weekend for some quiet, unglamorous pottering.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Stress rehearsal


A frustrating Friday: a real mixture of good kids and those who want to push the boundaries - and my patience. I often see dealing with the children at school as a big old rehearsal for dealing with a teenage Dexter. I lost the plot with some of them today; this doesn't make me happy, or proud.

When I got him home, the boy lost the plot himself. His tantrums are increasingly epic; rehearsals for the 'terrible twos' are progressing well. I kept my calm and walked away, until he too had calmed down. I'd learnt from my negative experiences during the day. No point in over-reflecting though. We all make mistakes - it's learning from them and moving on that matters.

If you look very closely at today's #366 photograph, you might just be able to see a glass of wine. It was much-needed, and just helped to take the edge of the day, for rejoice -  it is the start of the weekend!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

And that's what little boys are made of...


School was all about lessons and 'jobbing' today, in a sort of winding down, keeping going and getting prepared way, which is typical of this point in the summer term.

The jobbing continued after school as lift-share friend and I were on a mission to buy our bridesmaid shoes which are required for a friend's imminent wedding.

Shoe shopping with the (now mobile) boy was quite an experience. He raced round the shop, trying out his new skills (still looking a tad 'camp-zombie'), with me in hot pursuit - one heel on, one bare foot. We did eventually settle on some silver sparkly loveliness, befitting of a homesick Dorothy, and naturally rewarded our efforts with a Starbucks.

Dexter's mission for independence continued on the path at home. I tried to encourage him in; he played in a patch of dirt and leaves. I think he was trying to assert his masculinity after an afternoon of shoe shopping. By the time I got him in, he was most definitely more 'slugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails', than 'sugar and spice and all things nice'.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Crazy day!


Today was crazy: nuts, mental, bonkers. By second lesson, I was in the hall with the whole of Year 7, practising the National Anthem for the opening of the school sports day next week. It was not the calmest moment of my teaching career.

In between teaching for the rest of the day, I attempted to deal with crazy amounts of marking and crazy numbers of emails in my inbox.

After school offered little in the way of respite and downtime. I collected the boy from nursery and collected lovely lift-share friend from a conference venue. The three of us then headed to Uckfield where we wolfed down some dinner in Pizza Express; Dexter sucked on some bread and threw crisps on the floor. I then drove to Uckfield Tesco's car park to meet with the husband and do a drive-by roll out handover of the boy.

After that, lift-share lady and I hot-footed back out into the glorious Sussex countryside to catch Year 13 students for pre-dinner drinks at their Leavers' Ball. I don't think  any of them spotted me cleaning my teeth in the boot of my car.

Back home by nine o'clock. Is it only Wednesday?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Grime Time


Today, the usual timetable was suspended for another Extended Learning Day, which I've written about before in a previous post. The English Department had their turn to have this day without the responsibility of looking after any students. We spent the day cleaning out the English Office. It was dirty, grotty and heavy work, but we were completely ruthless, and it was quite a satisfying way to spend the day.

I went home feeling even grubbier than usual - school usually makes me feel covered in a fine layer of grime on a normal day! My bath time had to wait until the boy's day had been washed off by a soak in the tub.

That is where I captured today's #366 photograph. I know I'm horribly biased, but I think he looks angelic. Not a sign of a tantrum or grump, just my beautiful boy. What I didn't capture on film is his complete fascination for a certain body part that bath time gives him the perfect opportunity to explore! Perhaps he's not so pure after all...

Monday, 2 July 2012

A caring, sharing kind of day


I do like my job. I hope this is conveyed through my blog, as I am aware that I also use 'Brighton Ramblings' as a forum for having a bit of a whinge. I think social networking revolves around an ever-changing epicentre of people's changing emotions. It's good to talk, to share, to off-load.

A real positive of being a teacher is sharing - sharing ideas, knowledge and feelings. I really felt that today. My students and I spent Monday sharing good writing, inspiring novels, and creative ideas.

New technologies definitely make for much easier sharing of everything. I used Skype this evening for Dexter to share some time with his grandparents, and to catch up with a very dear friend living in Copenhagen and due to have her baby any day now.

Later in the evening, I spent quite a lot of time texting a colleague/friend on maternity leave, and sharing various 'mummy tips', such as having a late night playlist to help the night feeds seem less onerous. My 'listen' of choice was Adele's first album. It does however mean that I now can't listen to 'Make You Feel My Love' without bawling like a baby - whether I am in the comfort of my own home/wandering round a shop. I think the emotionally-charged lyrics were originally penned by Bob Dylan. In those early newborn days, when Dexter and I were awake for most of the night, the words spoke to me of an all-consuming, unconditional love for my boy. I feel a bit weepy reading through them to post them below, but I wanted to share!

When the rain
Is blowing in your face
And the whole world
Is on your case
I could offer you
A warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows
And the stars appear
And there is no - one there
To dry your tears
I could hold you
For a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you
Haven't made
Your mind up yet
But I would never
Do you wrong
I've known it
From the moment
That we met
No doubt in my mind
Where you belong

I'd go hungry
I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling
Down the avenue
Know there's nothing
That I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging
On the rolling sea
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change
Are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothing
Like me yet
I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends
Of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love
To make you feel my love

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Keep on running/walking/falling


Wow-wee, it's July! How did that happen? Dexter was crying again at just after five o'clock this morning. Fortunately, a cuddle and some teething granules sent him back to sleep until about half past eight. The mid point of summer arrived with some torrential downpours and very gusty winds. We had a christening to attend.

In the three hours it took for us all to get ready to go out (yes, three hours), the rain disappeared, the wind lulled a little and it became gloriously sunny. The christening was of a little boy, William. I used to work with his mummy and I'm going to be working with his daddy; they're also lovely friends. Dexter was generally well-behaved in the church, placated with a box of raisins and a robot book.

When we arrived back at the hosts' garden, he just wanted to walk - everywhere. The husband and I realised that we have become those parents: the ones who trail round after a small child at quite a slow pace, looking somewhat fed-up. We used to find the scenario amusing as child-free onlookers; now it is something that requires a tag-team approach and a hefty dose of patience.

All of the boy's toddling took its toll, and he spent the rest of the sunny afternoon as he appears in today's #366 photo. This gave the husband and me the chance to finish our food and chat properly with some dear friends we haven't seen for a while. Their children are five and three years old, so entertaining them involved telling and listening to jokes and discussing Moshi Monsters collectable cards, but pleasingly, whilst sitting down!