Thursday, 3 May 2012

Date Night


Today when I collected Dexter from nursery, the only children left were the boy and Lily. Lily is slightly older than Dexter, and as mentioned in a previous post, she's got a bit of a crush. I walked into 'Little Huffle' to see Dexter in his highchair, eating crisps, and Lily seated next to him on a miniature chair at a dinky table. I felt like I had interrupted a date - albeit one with a chaperone in the form of Lizzie. I swear I could see the love hearts flying out of Lily's eyes.

As we left, Lily went in for a kiss; Dexter turned away and she managed to plant a smacker on his shoulder. Undeterred, she also went in for a cuddle. The boy was having none of this. He may well have inherited his mummy's weirdness concerning hugging (I visibly bristle), or this was simply what will probably be the first of many occasions where I embarrass him. I am cool with this; I view it as part of a parent's job description.

For today's #366 photo, I continued in 'embarrassing mum' mode and perched him on the counter in Starbucks - yes, I need to buy shares in the place. He was more interested in the bits and pieces next to the till than being self-conscious. Long may it last!

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