Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunny side up


Today was wonderfully, seasonally, gloriously sunny: about time. I got in lift-share friend's car without a coat, knowing I had playground break duty today. That's how warm it has been.

The warmth and sunshine lifted spirits of staff and students alike. My classroom hasn't yet had the opportunity to heat up to the earth's core temperature - that will happen tomorrow. The kids were pleasingly blissed out and generally quite malleable.

When I collected Dexter from nursery, he was sitting in a highchair having his tea in nowt but a nappy. How lovely! He remained in his tiny sumo outfit for the journey home. We even stopped for ice creams; a bite from mummy's Cornetto received a somewhat mixed reaction.

We put Dexter to bed in short-sleeved pyjamas and no sleeping bag. I only glanced on Rightmove at enormous, over-priced properties with palatial grounds for five minutes or so.

La dolce vita - long may it last!

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