Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Two's company...


Today started with gunk o'clock, and the new morning ritual of bathing the boy's eyes so the poor little swamp-creature can open them.

The day definitely made me open my eyes to how naturally gregarious human beings generally are, and how my job allows for this sociable desire  to be indulged in the loveliest of ways. My first lesson was with a fabulous class full of students who are just really good company. My next lesson was with a slightly livelier bunch, but their excitement about life in general is really refreshing. After lunch, my very sweet Year Seven class was very interested in my blogging news from yesterday and attributed my success to any mentions of them in the blog! I ended the day with an A Level class. We were exploring a somewhat fruity text and generally putting the world to rights. Although I had another meeting after school, it's nice to have some adult company in the course of my day too.

One of the huge benefits of the boy being in full-time childcare is the varied company he spends his day with. There are enough other children at nursery to interact with, without feeling overwhelmed. He also has the company of the wonderful staff - top of the list being his beloved Sarah. She features in today's #366 photo. It's deliberately a little unclear as I'm not sure she really wanted to feature in a picture, let alone a blog post! Dexter adores her, and launches himself at her with great gusto every morning; you can virtually see the love hearts pouring out of his eyes! I think she reads this blog, but I also know she is quite reserved and very modest about her considerable skills. Sarah, if you are reading, Dexter and I think you (and the rest of the staff) are great! The boy is definitely in very good company on a daily basis.

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