Monday, 14 May 2012

Doing things by the book


Today was a bit of a nothingy day. Pleasingly, there were no extremes. It felt a little bit like that advert, that I think is for some sort of low-calorie spread, which argues the notion that there's nothing wrong with 'the middle'. An even keel to start the week is very much appreciated as far as I am concerned.

The boy managed to give his mummy a smile at nursery pick-up time. Sarah informed me that he had thrown his tea on the floor - apparently with great intent and precision. I explained that he has had hours of target practice on the cats at home.

I guess the most extreme part of the day was the long and arduous journey home. An already hefty commute was compounded by some sort of bomb scare at the Sainsbury's/Starbucks on our route home. The whole of Brighton's emergency services seemed to have turned out to protect our coffee and orange carrier bags (and the good citizens of Brighton). It didn't half create some traffic.

A highlight of the day was receiving one of Amazon's distinctive cardboard-wrapped packages. Along with a couple of DVDs for school, I had ordered 'Your Toddler Month by Month', a book by Dr Tanya Byron. I think she's the lady who spent hours locked in a house with some feral youngsters on BBC3 a couple of years ago. As I've mentioned before, I pay scant regard to the words of parenting wisdom from published 'experts', but I really feel clueless about the toddler years, so I thought it might make an interesting read. I'll keep you posted on any nuggets of wisdom I pick up along the way...

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