Wednesday, 29 February 2012

One giant leap...


This year is a leap year and today was our 'extra day'. I am failing to see the positives in gaining this extra twenty-four hours. Dear lift-share friend and I had no real clue what day it was this morning, but I always think it is Thursday on a Wednesday. We did manage a sneaky coffee-stop though, so I guess this cloud has a caffeine-infused silver lining.

My confusion was compounded during lesson one as I realised my usually trusty digital watch was rather (un)helpfully declaring today to be 1st March.

This week seems to be taking its time to roll over and allow the weekend to take centre stage. It seems to be the curse of the working mum to live for the weekends - there I go again, missing the journey in hot pursuit of the destination that is the weekend.

We drove past a dear friend and colleague (and veteran of the lift-share) on the way home. She's on maternity leave and was returning from a trip to the park, black lab on lead in one hand and Bugaboo with baby boy in the other. It was with a desperate nostalgia that I listened to her confusion over days blurring into each other in an idyllic bubble of babies, yoga, coffees and catch-ups (okay, I can live without the yoga). I can barely remember my maternity leave. I can barely remember my own name most days, so I guess I shouldn't feel too disheartened.

I always think of Wednesday as the 'hump' of the working week, and Wednesday evening marks the descent to the magical valley that is the weekend. Dexter did his own bit of climbing when we got home this evening. Today's #366 photo is of him making his merry way up the stairs. I was quite proud of my little pet baby, heaving himself up each step. He did nearly topple off shortly after the photo was taken, so I carried him the rest of the way.

Despite his long days at nursery, it is lovely to see some 'firsts' myself. I put the boy to bed about twenty minutes ago. It's the first time he's been put to bed without his precious dummy. He's still not quite settled, despite being tired from his 'extra day'. I may have to relent and accept that this 'first' isn't going to happen today.

Ah well. Small steps.

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