Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tantrums and Teeth


Today was a beautiful day, but seemed to be filled with inconsistencies and contradictions.

It was wonderfully sunny with a clear blue sky (somewhat incongruous for February), and yet was still on the chilly side - well, I was still wearing an enormous coat. I had my riding lesson at the same time as last week, on the same horse as last week, but it was all just somehow better than last week. I had some brakes for a start - always an advantage when careering round an arena on an enormous animal.

When I got back from riding, the online grocery shop had arrived, thus saving us a visit to the supermarket. However, it was missing a whole heap of stuff (most of which was food and nappies for Dexter), and required four phonecalls, and an equal number of tantrums (from me), to sort it out. I stroppily pointed out to the four people I spoke to, that there was some inconsistency in the supermarket's promise to: 'Make more time for yourself by shopping online', given I spent so long on the phone chasing up my order. I also refused to stay in for the re-delivery of the missing items, unless they arrived pretty sharpish: churlish, but necessary.

The boy has been a little inconsistent today too. He's either been all giggles, gurgles and filled with the joys of Spring, or whiny, teary and rolling around on the floor as depicted in today's #366 photo. His latest 'thing' seems to be to stop, mid-crawl and fling himself onto his back. I fear this manoeuvre may well be a precursory 'warm-up' to the infamous and terrible tantrums of toddlerhood. I also fear he is McGrizzle of Grizzledom because he's cutting some more of those pesky teeth.

Team Wayne popped out for a quick scoot round in the fresh air this afternoon. We dropped by Boots the chemist to pick up some formula (bloomin' missing from the online shop), and so I stocked up on teething granules and Calpol while we were there. I thought the shop assistant was being overly friendly and interested, but I think I was actually subject to a surreptitious cross-examination about the number of baby medicines I was purchasing...

One of the only things that has been truly consistent about today is that, as usual, I've left all of my schoolwork until Sunday evening. There was no point in having a tantrum about it; it has to be done. It's approaching half-ten and I had just finished it before blogging.

Tomorrow, it's back to the constant treadmill of the working week. Better get some sleep then. 'Night.

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