Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pinch, punch...


The first day of the month today, and with March came some beautiful Spring weather, with temperatures that would seem more fitting for an English Summer. A bit of sun seems to warm the bones and nourish the soul, and somehow, everyone seems in a better mood. The only gripes my students seemed to have today, centred on the temperature in my notoriously warm classroom.

Dexter spent part of his day at the park with the Huffle Crew. There's no point in even indulging myself with any jealousy about this; I'm just glad he had a lovely time in the fresh air.

As it happens, the boy got some accidental additional mummy-time anyway, as it was on the way home that I realised I had left my door keys inside the flat. I promptly informed the husband, who said he would leave work a little earlier. The only sensible option for dear lift-share friend and me seemed to be a coffee stop: naturally.

Today's #366 photo is of a very jolly Dexter in the local M&S cafe, which was looking very seasonal with daffodils on each table. Whilst the grown-ups enjoyed a coffee in a cup the size of my head and a sticky bun, I witnessed the boy in full-on 'mine-sweeping' action. He was virtually climbing out of his highchair to grab at some iced loveliness, and I saw a snapshot of the behaviour he must display during mealtimes at nursery.

Daddy being home slightly earlier than usual, combined with my regular meet-up with work ladies for some pub food and a sip of vino, meant that Dexter's day only got brighter as the husband was in charge of bathtime.

The ladies and I make a concerted effort to get together once a month. As ever, a lovely time was had by all. The downside is that the second day of the month may be a tad less easy to deal with...


  1. Your M&S has designer chairs. You can tell you live down South. That is all. X

    1. I know! I liked them too. Not just any chairs...