Friday, 24 February 2012

Joie de vivre!


Friday! Hurrah! Unfortunately, my students this morning did not share my exclamation mark (and strong coffee) fuelled excitement at the last day of the working week because they were sooo tired! I resisted the temptation to make some sarcastic comment as a retort and fortunately, my Year 7 class after break was much more lively. They're getting a mention because not only are they very sweet, but they are also very interested in Dexter and fascinated by the idea of my blog.

In the early days, when I was struggling with the adjustment to being back at work and leaving my young boy with someone else all day, they were very kind. Despite their tender years, they would be very understanding and lovely if I was a little teary-eyed when I'd had to leave him feeling under the weather. Saying that, for about the first three weeks of term, they were under the impression that Dexter was my pet labrador...

It got me thinking about their wonderful enthusiasm and sunny outlook on life. As a secondary school teacher, I usually favour teaching the slightly older students, but I'm really appreciating the boundless enthusiasm of the young 'uns - ironically, they are the excitable little puppies.

On collecting the boy from nursery today, I was presented with a big, fabulous painting of which Jackson Pollock would be proud/spinning in his stylish grave. It features in the background of today's #366 photo. I love the colours and the sheer liveliness of it. It was 'painted' by Dexter, largely with his hands and feet. Characteristically, he ate a significant amount of the paint, so that should make for some interesting nappies...

After another exhausting week and too many late nights (this blog is taking over my life), I definitely feel my age. Today was a timely reminder of how fabulous children are, how much we can learn from them and how perhaps age really is only a state of mind. Whilst Dexter's work may not be quite to the standard of the great man, Pablo Picasso spoke the truth with his statement: "Youth has no age." I'm going to be channelling Peter Pan this weekend...


  1. I don't think it's Pollock. He's channelling furstenberg's runway pastels as seen at London fashion week. So proud.

    1. Ha! I'll get him cracking on a wrap dress next week...