Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Delayed gratification


Today's #366 picture is of Dexter with his pancake - just a day late. It did feel slightly wrong giving it to him today, as I believe part of the origins of Shrove Tuesday lie in using up all the bad-for-you-stuff before Lent. Given that the Waynes are not known for their religious zeal, I figure that a solitary pancake, spread with a bit of good old Ella's pureed fruit, twenty-four hours after the main event, probably isn't too evil. Most of it ended up on the floor/in the cat anyway.

It did get me thinking though. Yesterday, I was all upset because the boy didn't have a proper 'Pancake Day'. He wasn't remotely aware of or bothered by this, and he's sucked on a crepe today anyway.

For the last few days I've been feeling twitchy - about houses, working full-time, the prospect of more children (not yet), never having any spare cash, etc. The grass on the other side seems so bloomin' green, it's virtually radioactive.

It's at times like this that I have to have a stern (metaphorical) word with myself. I can't park anywhere near our flat, and the stairs and no direct access to a garden are a nuisance. It's a great location though and we love the flat itself. We haven't outgrown it and it's definitely home. Whilst I am never going to live in a million pound country manor I gaze at on Rightmove, one day, I'm sure we'll have a (small) house with a garden and a drive, but possibly outside of our beloved Brighton. We simply can't afford for me to drop a day or two at work at the moment, but I have a job in these very tough times, and a job that stops for thirteen weeks of the calendar year. We hope that one day Dexter will have a sibling, but now or indeed the near future, is not the right time. If it never happens, the boy is special enough. Whilst I do have a budget spreadsheet (it took the husband two and a half hours to create), stapled to my forehead, it does allow for a cleaner, riding lessons, and the occasional treat.

Apparently, good things come to those who wait. I'm so concerned with the destination sometimes, that I am in danger of missing out on the incredible journey.

Wowzers! All that reflection started with a humble pancake...


  1. I both believe that you don't move forward without a vision and also that you should try to live in the moment, which leaves me in perpetual confusion. I have a Rob Ryan plate on my wall that says, "we had nothing, we had not much, we had enough, we had everything" to remind me everyday that I may want things but I am really blessed to have enough.

    1. I love this quote. Is he the guy who does the paper cut-out thingies?