Saturday, 18 February 2012

Doing Lunch


I'm writing Saturday's post on Tuesday, which only highlights how much of a distant memory the weekend already is. Two days back at school, two lots of 'Huffle-Shuffling', and double the amount of weekend exhaustion.

Saturday was lovely though. The husband had lots of work to do (and he's not even a teacher), so some precious family time had to be forsaken and the boy and I headed out for lunch with an old and very dear friend. We have a shared love of Japanese food, and so Dexter and I rocked up (late, natch), at one of Brighton's sushi establishments. Sushi turned out to be perfect finger food for a small person as the rice is nice and sticky, the bits of chicken quite more-ish and there was even the odd bit of fruit salad knocking round on the conveyor belt - which Dexter flatly refused in favour of an Ella's Kitchen pouch.

Today's #366 photo is a little staged to demonstrate our lunch location, and the chopstick did have to be swiftly removed from the boy's clutches before he took someone's/his own eye out. He did look very cute though in one of his birthday gifts - a big-boy, lunch-date shirt and tank top.

Lunch was followed by a stormy seafront walk and a cuppa at my friend's Hove flat, where Dexter was indulged with playing rockets and raspberries all afternoon. Perfect.


  1. Well done. Did you see the reactions? I forgot to tell you about them x

    1. I see - a sort of 'rate my blog', yes?