Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Having a ball!


Today I experienced something I haven't felt at all since giving birth to the boy: I missed my bump. Only for a nano-second mind, and for no real reason other than a brief flashback whilst walking down a particular set of stairs at school. I was suddenly transported back to being quite heavily pregnant and waddling round the corridors, often with students staring at my tummy in mild disbelief. There's something quite special about a pregnant woman, and you are generally treated with a sense of reverence - when the sprog's popped out, you become 'just another mum'.

There is some irony to having a moment of nostalgia for my pregnancy as I was generally rubbish at being pregnant and, *whispers*, I didn't really enjoy it. This was largely due to the fact that I had pretty bad morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness until quite a late stage. I also found lugging around a permanently attached small person quite hard work. I was very lucky in that I had a very neat little football of a bump, the classic shape (if the old wives are to be believed), for carrying a boy.

I was wondering if there was any connection between my little 'in utero football', and Dexter's favourite new toy: balls of any description (see an earlier post for how he is taking this quite literally...). The boy loves nothing more than pushing around and chasing his inflatable Gymboree beach ball (a gift from Gymbo), or his little dinosaur-print ball (a gift from Santa), and gets very distressed if they get stuck under the table/the bed/my foot (if I'm trying to get his attention). Perhaps he is destined for a career as a Premiership footballer, or he just has a secret desire to be a labrador.

Just as I had a moment of bump-nostalgia today, I was informed at the nursery pick-up that Dexter has had to be given extra food for the second day running, despite being sent in with a packed lunch-box every day. The boy seems to be cultivating his own little rotund belly. It's very cute, but if my career prediction is correct, he's going to have to start working on developing some Beckham-esque abs and stop stealing food from babies...

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