Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wedding Bells


Today, I forsook some weekend family time to indulge in some bridesmaid dress shopping with a lovely friend who is getting wed in July. It was good fun and a really lovely excuse to hang out with girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon. The bride is a new mummy to a gorgeous little boy, and it got me thinking about my wedding, two and a half years ago.

I loved planning our wedding - I'm a huge fan of a 'project'/anything that involves some sort of nerdy scrapbook and attention to detail. The loveliest thing that our guests said about the day was that the whole look and feel was very 'us'; we'd really worked hard at making it a personal day. Dexter's middle name (Rye), is a tribute to the place where we got married - a little bit 'Posh and Becks', but hey, I don't care.

We had a 'no kids' rule at our wedding, and a number of our guests were (relatively) new parents - cue some quite extreme 'letting down' of parental hair...

In fact, during our quite long engagement (at the time, it seemed to rival the gestation period of a baby elephant), I was adamant I never wanted kids. We were living the dream, and I saw no good reason to chuck a small, noisy, pukey creature into the equation - I was happy to fulfil that role myself after a big night out.

It's true what they say though, and the old biological clock kicked in a few months after the husband and I exchanged our vows. My tick tock became so loud, it seemed to be accompanied by the clanging of church bells. And now, I cannot imagine life without the little dude (or Dexter).

Today's #366 photo is of Dexter this morning, in his cot with his very own pyjama bottoms 'veil', which he seemed to find very amusing. We will not be taking the boy to the wedding in July - he's not invited, and I don't really want to anyway. I intend to do my own bit of 'hair release', and am looking forward to wearing a pretty dress without getting it covered in tears and bits of food. I guess that may depend though on how much champagne is consumed...

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