Sunday, 19 February 2012

Urban Living


Sunday started with my first riding lesson in three weeks. I appreciate my weekly hour in the saddle more now than I ever have done. It involves three hours out of the house - no baby, no husband - just me and a friend's steed. It was a particularly fresh day today and so said steed was particularly frisky and strong. Those of you who know me will know that I don't have a particularly athletic physique. My build bears a close resemblance to that of Olive Oyl, but I swear that having a baby and then lugging it and all of its stuff around, must build some upper body-strength.

Today's #366 picture demonstrates a particular type of 'lugging around' I have to do with the boy. Brighton flat living dictates that although we live in a period property with great views and big rooms, we also have several stairs to negotiate. The picture is Dexter's reflection in the mirror of our communal stairway as I was carting him up the stairs in his buggy. I didn't mange to catch him smiling at himself; he normally seems to enjoy being bumped up and down the stairs, or even better, for husband and I to carry him aloft like Prince Dexter of Brighton.

We'd been for a quick visit to Sainsbury's to get some birthday cake to share at nursery. Our local Sainsbury's has a Starbucks too (hurrah!), but my chai latte had to be of the takeaway kind as the boy was having a meltdown. I reckon he was missing his weekend family time. Hopefully, Team Wayne will be reunited next weekend.

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