Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chat Room


Today I had to think a lot about words. I often have to ask teenagers to think about what they are saying or how they are saying it, and today was no exception. I also led a sixth form assembly on the power and misuse of certain words in a bid to get them to reflect on how they use language. And of course, I'm an English teacher; I bloomin' love words - their power, their flexibility, their key role in communication.

Today's #366 picture was taken of Dexter post-bath (hanging out in a vest, onesie and dressing gown), whilst 'babbling' away to/at me for ages. This week, the husband and I have noticed a real shift in the boy's language acquisition. He has moved beyond the constant repetition of 'mama' to different sounds, phonemes, vowels, consonants and plosives. You can almost hear the stringing together of very primitive 'sentences', and boy, does the boy like to chat.

Unlike the mirror fixation, for this, I entirely blame his mother.

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