Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nursery Report


First day of a new month, and today's slightly bizarre photo was taken at nursery. Dexter is on the lap of the lovely Bronwyn, demonstrating his love of being jiggled and joggled(?) around, whilst simultaneously being semi-upside down.

I have mentioned nursery a lot in different contexts. The twice-daily visit usually involves a drive-by roll-out very early in the morning, when Dexter is virtually launched like a human rugby ball at any willing 'player' (member of staff) who can take him, as I am inevitably running late. Most days, I lift-share with friends, so the pick-up is equally hurried so as not to hold anyone else up. Today, however, circumstance dictated that I had driven the boy myself and had the luxury of hanging around at collection time.

I had a pleasurable time catching up with the brilliant young ladies who work there, most of whom are alumni of the school I work at. I also had to fill in a comment on Dexter's eleven month 'report card'. It was lovely - more detailed than anything I've ever had to write about the teenagers in my care. The essence of it was that Dexter is a happy, well-adjusted, sociable little chap, who likes to smile, interact and play. Alarmingly, he has some 'targets' to be working on. Slack mummy has got to get cracking on: teaching him actual words; getting him to use a spoon independently (rather than hold his arms out like wings and open his mouth like a beak when he wants to be fed); and building a 'tower' composed of at least two blocks.

He's got until his twenty-six month review to achieve these milestones, so I think we'll opt for the proverbial tortoise-like approach: slow and steady gets there in the end.

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