Friday, 3 February 2012

Thank Crunchie!

Ah, Friday, glorious Friday: end of the working week and start of the much-needed weekend. The afore-mentioned work lift-share (which keeps me sane), has a weekly tradition of stopping off on the way to school at a local garage-based Costa Coffee. The formidable, and lovely Pat, who runs the joint, knows us all by name and our weekly order has become a tacit necessity. She also makes the strongest latte outside of Milan, and so I usually arrive at school wired to the mains - brilliant.

Another glorious Friday tradition is leaving earlier than usual and doing the 'Huffle-Shuffle'/nursery pick-up at four instead of five o'clock. This leaves time occasionally to behave like 'normal people' ie. not teachers, and visit shops for example, unhindered by the weekend crowds. So, today, my lovely friend and I hot-footed it to Holmbush Retail Park to visit those old shopping stalwarts that are M&S and Next. I needed to spend half of my wages on birthday gifts and new-baby pressies, and dear friend and I can never miss an opportunity to visit Starbucks. I love Starbucks unashamedly (I also like trendy, indie coffee shops filled with seating made out of old hessian sacks), and a grande, skinny, chai tea latte, no water, extra hot, is my beverage of choice.

I spent a vast amount of my maternity leave frequenting one of Brighton's many SBs, but the boy was then, of course, a much tinier, much less mobile and more 'strapped in' pet baby.

Today, he lounged out in a highchair, ate/dropped on the floor a cheese and ham toastie, and had his first 'babyccino' - a shot of steamed and frothy milk in an espresso cup. He was a little unsure at first about all of the foam, but was soon guzzling down the contents of the tiny cup with great gusto.

A proud moment indeed.

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