Thursday, 9 February 2012



8.10 - Ate all of his fruit pouch and 1/2 of his bread

9.10 - Nappy change (Dirty)

10.05 - Asleep

11.20 - Awake

11.25 - Had a snack

11.45 - Nappy change

12.30 - Ate all of his lunch and yoghurt. Had a drink.

1.40 - Nappy change (Dirty)

3.10 - Asleep

4.00 - Awake

4.10 - Ate all of his tea and fruit pouch

4.45 - Nappy change (Dirty)

This was the entry in Dexter's nursery book today. At 5pm, the husband collected him from nursery - following a rather dodgy-looking drive-by to the school car park to retrieve the car seat from my car.

I spent 4.55pm - 8.00pm talking solidly about other people's children. I don't entirely resent this and in a funny sort of way it's quite enjoyable. I'd spent a lot of time preparing notes, marksheets, etc. I hope one day to speak to teachers of Dexter who invest the same time in him.

For now, I have had to settle for a quick peek in the cot, a stroke of the hair, today's obligatory #366 picture, a large glass of white and a hot bubble bath.

I have brought home my work for half term - ironically in the boy's old Cath K cowboy print changing bag, complete with bottle warmer/pencil case. Next week though, half term dictates that the work fits around Dexter and not vice versa.

I can't wait.

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