Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bitter about batter


Today's #366 picture makes my heart hurt a little bit. It was taken in our kitchen this evening, having just got in from work and having only spent the five minutes tonight trying to park (on the next street). Grrrr.

We'd been doing lots of clapping and giggling, and the boy had even managed some unsupported standing.

This post should really be about Shrove Tuesday (today), with some jolly picture of Dexter stuffing his face with batter and some lame, euphemistic jokes about tossing. Unfortunately, we were waiting for the online food shop delivery (it arrived at 8pm) and our cupboards had taken on a somewhat Old Mother Hubbard feel. Poor old Dexter had a random combination of nan bread and sandwich ham for his tea today: slack mum. The 'luxury' of pancakes had to be missed this year: guilty mum.

He doesn't look too bothered though. Am wondering if I should give up guilt for Lent...


  1. I'm not sure if Catholics are allowed to give up guilt for Lent but I think you should. At his age you can pass off Saturday as pancake day. He'll never know plus pancake batter will be in the sale section so you can buy more! Tris and I have scheduled it in for the 3rd March if that makes you feel better.

  2. Good plan! I think I'll always carry sack-loads of guilt around with me - part of the job...