Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Further to yesterday's posts, I still feel lucky and very privileged, but I am also flippin' exhausted - and so is the boy. This was Dexter at six thirty this morning. He didn't actually wake up to be fed. He is currently full of snot, a little unsettled at night and sporting a couple of whopping zits. Again, the old guilt rears its ugly head, as I'm not sure one so small should have such a long daily commute, and lengthy time away from home - nor Dexter. But alas, if he wants food and shelter (dramatic but true), Daddy and Mummy must work.

Today was alright. The 'Huffle Shuffle' was even more perilous today - I half expected Torvill and Dean to be pirouetting through the car park - and break duty involved standing outside with the (much hardier) PE teachers 'preventing' kids from throwing snowballs. Hmmm...

I ended up discussing my blog after school with one of the aforementioned (male) PE teachers. I don't know if he'll end up having a look, but it's interesting to me to think about a potential audience. I did think it may be limited to friends and family, especially those who know Dexter, but this particular colleague had been very curious about birth stories a couple of weeks ago too!

Maybe just life is interesting - the human condition, the ups and downs, the comedy and the drama. It's partly why I love my subject and the power of literature to deal with universal themes.

I think sheer tiredness is rendering me too pensive and reflective. It's half-term next week, so hopefully I'll be able to document tales of bonkers soft-play centres, and not getting dressed until midday. Roll on Friday...

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