Wednesday, 15 February 2012



Post-Valentine's Day, the boy definitely did not have a 'love hangover', but was certainly feeling the effect of yesterday's vaccinations. Today, Dexter has mainly been sleepy, needy and stinky.

We went on a little visit to a dear friend who lives about thirty five minutes away. Said dear friend has two gorgeous young children, who seem to like Dexter coming to visit.

On arrival, Dexter threw himself on the (hard) floor of their playroom and promptly gave himself a bruised and slightly grazed head. He ate his lunch lying on my lap and then spent the rest of the time rolling around the floor, moaning. The only thing that brought a smile to the boy's face was Will (he's in today's #366 picture, rocking matching Breton stripes), racing around the sofa, role-playing Buzz Lightyear. Will's mummy was not so amused by this as the role play had begun at five thirty that morning.

As ever, it was lovely to catch up with an old buddy, with the huge bonus of leaving with two great big bags of clothes, books and toys.

The boy slept all afternoon, refused his dinner and went to bed early. I spent the evening with mummy friends, drinking wine, eating a plethora of snacks and discussing birth experiences.

I've recorded this evening's 'One Born' for future viewing.

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