Monday, 13 February 2012

Birthday Boy


Monday 13th February 2012: Dexter's first birthday. Phew, a milestone - we've made it! We had a lovely day. We opened heaps of fabulous gifts before the husband went to work, and then Dexter and I spent the day with my family before they returned to Manchester.

I did spend some time reflecting on the events of a year ago. I was so incredibly lucky (not smug, just lucky), with my labour and Dexter's birth. Fate granted us the privilege of a straightforward time and I can honestly say I enjoyed most of it. That is not to say, that it didn't hurt more than anything I have ever experienced, but I just found the whole thing miraculous, amazing and life-affirming. I also really loved gas and air and had the best midwife ever - so it all led to a positive outcome.

In many ways, I can't believe it was only a year ago, and I can barely remember life before the boy - although I do remember having more money to spend on sushi, shoes, Clarins and French Connection: small sacrifices.

I don't want to get too mushy, and I don't believe that your life is only complete if you have children. It's a huge life-choice and an immense privilege. I just find the whole concept of human life utterly compelling - whether or not an individual chooses to procreate.

To continue in a philosphical vein, Dexter also chose to mark his year long existence in the world in a profound and thought-provoking manner. Today's #366 picture is of the boy having his birthday lunch in the brilliant Bill's in Brighton: Dexter learnt to clap at the table and ate his first chips.

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