Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Grumps


Today a serious case of 'the grumps' hit Wayne Towers. Overnight, it sort of snowed: a lame, half-hearted, slushy sort of snow that seemed to be worse out in the countryside beyond Brighton. This prevented me from going to my beloved weekly riding lesson. It also made getting out of bed and getting dressed rather uninviting.

Boy has the boy been grumpy today. Dexter is usually a laid-back, content little man, but the combination of another cold and presumably some teething, rendered him very whiny indeed. He may also be sulking over the scalping he received yesterday...

The washing mountain is out of control and our cleaner has been out of action for a while too - hey, we both work full-time, I've got a cleaner: bite me. The house needs sorting, but that sort of stuff is just, well, dull, particularly with a temperamental tot in tow.

Fortunately, some dear friends have just had their second baby and were up for visitors, so to ward off the cabin fever that was setting in, we wrapped up warm and trundled off for cuddles with the gorgeous newborn. Nothing like a brand-new baby in the world to bring a smile to your face.

Today's picture captures Dexter on the way home. He still looks a tad miserable, and the flash from my phone makes it look like he's been at the Ready-Brek. An Annabel Karmel ready-meal lasagne perked him up, and I got down to some marking.

The rubbish snow has pretty much melted away now - as have the grumps. Tomorrow, after all, is a new day - and only a week until half term.

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