Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Style Stakes


This photo is representative of how quickly Dexter seems to be changing at the moment, and how I thought he looked particularly grown-up on Tuesday in his casual hoodie/jeans combo.

I dressed the boy solely in onesies for the first five months of his life. My NCT mummy buddies used to mock me for my aversion to anything that didn't fasten with poppers. I disliked the 'riding up' issues of t-shirts and sweaters, and always put the boy in a poppered bodysuit/vest (reminiscent of the lycra horrors I favoured for myself from River Island circa 1993), under any outfit he wore.

I am still a fan of a 'baby vest', but now the boy has a range of joggers, denims, corduroys, hoodies, shirts and cardigans to layer up with, that make him look, well, less like a baby. I am resisting shoes until Dexter can actually walk. I am hoping he does not inherit his mother's (and father's) expensive footwear habit.

Onesies are now reserved only for bedtime, but I think his first birthday may mark a move towards actual pyjamas...

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