Friday, 22 June 2012

You win some, you lose some.


I didn't go to work today as I was back at the doctor's surgery to have some blood tests as a follow-up to last week's ambulance shennanigans. I'm not too concerned about having more tests - I'm pleased they're being so thorough - but I'm going with my self-diagnosis of something muscular. I sent the boy to nursery with the lovely lift-share ladies; he needs to stick to his routine.

In the afternoon, I boarded a train to 'that there London' (as they call it on Corrie). It was the awards ceremony for the Brit Mums 'Brilliance in Blogging' awards. Knowing I didn't stand a chance, I was still intrigued by the idea of a night out at a bloggers convention's prize night.

I'm rubbish in London, and had already annoyed a rather grumpy London Underground worker with my inane questions, and walked out in front of a cyclist by the time I got to the rather glamorous venue. It was a bit overwhelming and rather nervewracking, pitching up on my own. One of the first people I saw in the venue's foyer, was the rather awesome Cherry Healey. I've got a proper girl-crush on her and I love her programmes, blog and Twitter action. I decided it would be totally appropriate to strike up a conversation with her. She was absolutely lovely and told me she'd have a look at the blog, so 'Hi!' Cherry, if you're reading.

Inside the ceremony room was pretty full-on. It was like a thirty-something hen-party, writ-large, complete with butlers in the buff, posh canapes, and an awful lot of mums with a 'one night only: get out of jail free' card. I'm not sure it was really my bag. The mummy blogging community is something I'm really new to, and I hadn't really anticipated that most women would have friends and connections to meet up with. I wasn't entirely excluded from this as I had informally arranged to meet the lovely and talented Chloe, the creator of the fabulous 'Chloe Witters' blog. I also met the equally lovely and talented Becky - head honcho at 'Ar-blog'. It was a slightly surreal experience, chatting to Chloe about her life and family, which I only know about through Twitter and blogging. It made me reflect on how quickly the world and communication is changing. Perhaps Dexter will have hologram mates when he is older...

Suffice to say, I didn't win. I didn't expect to and I honestly didn't mind - well, maybe just a teeny  bit. It was an interesting and original experience. I still cherish my blog and feel immensely proud of the gift I am creating for my boy.

I was back in Brighton by ten o'clock - just enough time to pop home, stroke the boy's hair, change my shoes and then fly out again for the start of a dear friend's hen weekend. There were no naked waiters, lots of lovely ladies I know very well, and fantastic homemade cocktails. My weekend had definitely started.

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