Saturday, 16 June 2012

Boy about town


After yesterday's drama, I slept surprisingly well; I suspect it was the cocktail of prescription drugs floating round my system. I was still in a state of discomfort though and unable to lift the boy up. I have my suspicions that too much carrying of Dexter on my left side, may have contributed to whatever it was that my muscles were playing at yesterday...

The discomfort was actually eased by some (less-strong painkillers), and moving around to ensure I didn't stiffen up. I decided I could cope with a gentle meander around town, so the husband, the boy and lovely lift-share lady/Mary Poppins, Becka, and I strolled into Brighton.

Dexter had the confidence and motivation to leave the sanctuary of his buggy for ten minutes and attempt some walking through (a very busy) Brighton; it was slow, but cute.

I treated us all to afternoon tea, as a thank you for yesterday. Dexter attacked the scones and miniature bagels with gusto, and left a most uncivilised mess at a very civilised venue - oops!

It felt good to be back to normal - even if that did involve Saturday night in front of the television: heaps better than a hospital bed.

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