Sunday, 3 June 2012

Block Party


The boy has taken to waking later and declining his morning milk, opting instead for a hotel-style continental breakfast of muesli, fruit, yogurt and toast. It is lovely to see his healthy relationship with food (purely genetic), but it takes ages. I just about filled him up in time to get away for my riding lesson.

That, and a trip to Waitrose, has been my only real activity today. Team Wayne isn't great on a bank holiday. We tend to collapse, relax and re-group. Dexter has mainly practised his walking, played with his wooden blocks and pushed his plastic bus around today. Television coverage focused on the Jubilee flotilla on the Thames, which seemed to go on for ever and was a bit dull.

I'm sure we should be marking this historic event by dressing the boy as a corgi and making him knit bunting or something, but I'm just not that interested. Perhaps I can claim that he was doing the Lambeth Walk, building Tower Bridge and pretending his plastic toy is a London bus. Alternatively, there are still two more days during which we could motivate ourselves and embrace a bit of royal history. We'll see...

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