Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hands on


Back to work today - we even stopped on the way for coffee and Nurofen: wild. Dexter's morning was significantly brighter too as Sarah was back - yippee! My lovely colleagues were extra lovely, and there was a lot of concern for my welfare. The student grapevine hadn't quite got to declaring me deceased, but there had been some rumour-mongering along the lines of broken waters and labour pains. Interesting, given I'm not pregnant.

Lessons are really starting to trickle away; it's difficult not to start counting down to the summer holiday, but there's still so much to do.

I sent the boy to nursery with some homemade beef stew from a 'Baby-Led weaning' cookbook. I'd asked the ladies to allow him to eat it with his hands. When I collected him, I was informed he'd shown no interest whatsoever in feeding himself the stew with either hands or cutlery, but had demolished the lot when it was cut up and fed to him.

I am slightly concerned that by not weaning Dexter the 'baby-led' way in the first place, he will now forever be fed in the manner of a tiny helpless baby blackbird or suchlike, having food dropped into his open mouth, whilst his wing-like arms remain outstretched. There is some irony in the meaning of his name being 'right-handed man'.

The boy redeemed himself when we returned home and he joined his daddy (who had been working from home) in the study. Today's #366 photograph shows some serious concentration on the laptop, and some rather energetic typing.

I wonder if Bill Gates was weaned on mush or chicken drumsticks...

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