Saturday, 9 June 2012

Country Capers


Despite the fact that it took Team Wayne a characteristically long time to mobilise today (see many previous posts on laid-back/lazy approach to life), we made a decision to have a jaunt out to the country. Destination: Ardingly, for the South of England Show. I love a country show (well, mainly the ponies), and it seemed like a good opportunity to acquaint the boy with some rural inhabitants and customs.

Dexter expressed a worrying interest in the rabbit hutches in the 'Fur and Feathers' tent. Not worrying for fear he would be bitten/catch some horrid disease, but more a mild concern that he was launching his tiny grabbing fingers at what appeared  to be his favourite raisins...

Mistaken snack identity averted, we looked at some huge pigs, some grumpy cows (insert your own joke here), and some very cute ducklings. I spotted an ex-student in the sheep-shearing tent (see previous posts about the rural location of school), and took a dislike to Sebastian and Nicholas, the two local llamas; I was suspicious of their eyes and feet.

We eventually found the horse section and I was completely entertained by endless rounds of showjumping - lots of bouncy ponies jumping exactly the same course of jumps. The husband and the boy didn't quite express the same interest, preferring to play on the grass. I haven't quite made the equine thing a shared family interest yet, but I'm working on it...

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