Monday, 4 June 2012

Nourishing the soul


This morning was a relatively early start for me - considering it's a bank holiday and all. I gave the boy his milk and put him back in his cot where he promptly fell asleep.

I drove out to a village not far away from school as I had been invited out for a ride with a lovely girl from my tutor group. We went for a gentle hack around an area called the 'Cuckoo Trail'. It was blissfully relaxing and chilled-out, and I was still home by lunchtime.

After feeding the boy his lunch, I headed to our lovely local with Dexter in his buggy. I spent the entire afternoon there with two very dear friends, sharing a bottle of wine while Dexter snoozed.

It's probably pretty obvious that I'm not a huge advocate of child-centric parenting. I firmly believe in the importance of parents attempting to keep hold of some of their pre-child life. Whilst I have no desire to set foot in a nightclub anytime soon, or indeed, spend a bank holiday afternoon and night in a pub (I was home by six), 'normal' life is really important to me. I still have to work as hard (and as often) since I had Dexter, so I don't see anything wrong in trying to do some of those things that nourish the soul.

Ponies, friends, wine and my boy: perfect.


  1. How I agree with you. I've always ensured that trips and activities are things that I know I'll enjoy as well as the children. If I'm happy I'm much nicer to them, so it works for all of us!

  2. Ah, thanks for the comment - and the reassurance. I sometimes worry I may sound selfish, but I totally agree with you about the 'ripple effect' of happiness.