Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sad face


I am tired. Really tired. Flying solo in the car this morning. The boy spat his dummy out about twenty minutes into the journey. The rest of the journey saw me 'singing' to stop him crying; he is the only person in the world who would stop crying at my singing.

I taught all day and had a trying last lesson. It left me feeling depressed that despite my best efforts, some of our challenging students are difficult to reach. I hope I don't ever feel so defeated in a parenting context.

I left early to collect the boy, hoping this would cheer me up. He cried (again) when I took him away from Sarah. We got stuck in traffic so the journey home took ages. Dexter fell asleep in the car, and the sunny climes I had left had been replaced by a chilly sea-mist, characteristic of Brighton in early summer.

Never mind. The hump of the week is over. Just need to shake off my grump.

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