Monday, 11 June 2012

C'est la vie!


Back to school today. Dexter got a wave from Sarah in the Huffle car park; she got a huge smile in return. He went straight in for a cuddle when I dropped him off, but then launched himself back at me. Whilst this was lovely, I was quite happy to hand him back again as he'd produced one of his toxic nappies on the journey in.

School was fine. It was good to catch up with colleagues and students, and I sort of get my 'work head' back on, meaning all of the stuff I avoid doing in the holiday, generally gets completed quite efficiently.

It was England's first game this evening in the European Championships. I have zero interest in 'the beautiful game', but it seemed to be intriguing the boy, post bath time as pictured in today's #366 photograph. He had one eye on the game whilst playing with one of his favourite toys: it involves putting small cylinders of wood into a row of holes. He was getting a tad frustrated at not being able to hit the target first time. Sadly, our national team didn't fare much better, only managing 1-1 against France. I guess he's learning early that success is not always guaranteed.

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