Friday, 1 June 2012

A leap forward


It was strange returning to school today. Dexter remained at home with his daddy, so no 'Huffle Shuffle'. There was something unsettling about leaping back into the chaos of school life which had just continued in my absence. I never want to be quoted on this, but it made me think that perhaps I don't want to work part-time after all. Shush, that's never to be repeated, but it's a huge leap forward for me.

My students seemed quite pleased to see me (more than my own son), which was very endearing. I was pleased to see my Year 13 tutor group, as it's their last day. We joined them at the pub briefly after work. There was a lot of gratitude and recognition going on in the beer garden, and they bought some lovely gifts and a really thoughtful card for me. Yet again, I felt a surge of love and enthusiasm for a job which genuinely allows you to have a tiny impact on  a person's life.

Dexter and his daddy had enjoyed a chilled-out day together. They'd had a little trot into town and returned with a generic oriental take-away in a box, M&S style. The three of us ate dinner together, with Dexter shovelling away most of the snacks.

Fuelled no doubt by some mono sodium glutamate, the boy managed the length of the living room on his feet and unsupported. Like my Year 13 students, he's ready for the next big steps.

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