Tuesday, 26 June 2012



Today was an INSET (staff training) day. Lift-share lady and I naturally saw this as an opportunity for a sneaky coffee-stop. I was involved in a couple of the sessions that took place at school. I like to volunteer for this kind of stuff because despite all the negatives of a demanding job like mine, I'm still genuinely passionate about it. I think staff training and development sessions are vital in keeping teachers motivated, engaged and evolving.

There was a big focus on the idea of 'progress'. I guess as part of this initiative, the school has purchased some iPads. I've volunteered to borrow one for a couple of weeks to play around with its educational benefits. I've realised it's great for reading other people's blogs on, but no good for writing my own. Dexter loves the usual story apps he watches on my phone in a more giant and accessible form. They kept him distracted this evening whilst I tried to tackle some marking.

Although the end of term is looming, I seem to be busier than ever. The animated pig only kept the boy occupied for a limited time however, before he began trampling over my marking to uncharacteristically seek some mummy cuddles. I didn't make much progress with my marking until he went to bed, but I was very glad of the affectionate distraction.

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