Saturday, 2 June 2012

Party in the park


Today marked the start of the Jubilee-induced four day weekend. I am still sulking (at no one in particular), that the half term holiday has been jiggled around so that the extra two days have been consumed by it. Anyway, sulking aside, we had a party to go to. Not that of an eighty-six year old woman, but a two year old little girl - the husband's goddaughter in fact.

It was a lovely family celebration in a local park - even the weather was kind to us. I think Dexter is punishing me for my time away, as he only has eyes for his daddy. Later on in the afternoon, he did manage to extrapolate himself from his hero to do some crawling round on the grass, interspersed with his rather unique 'knee-walk'. Despite the progress made last night, Dexter doesn't seem to see the point of using his feet when his knees are more efficient. According to my book, kneeling up unsupported is apparently a more advanced stage than walking unsupported. I'm liking that my boy is unconventional.

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