Sunday, 17 June 2012

Daddy's Day


Not comfortable this morning. Think the walk yesterday may have been an error. I was up though, putting the kettle on as today was Father's Day. Dexter presented his daddy with two cards and some robot cufflinks - we like robots in this house. I slept until midday; I'm definitely not right.

Sadly, empty cupboards do not recognise celebratory days, and we desperately needed to go to the supermarket. So the poor husband spent his 'special day', pushing a trolley round, dealing with an emotional toddler, and packing, carrying and unpacking the shopping.

We did manage a quick trip to the park before tea. I had to sit and watch as swing-pushing and sandpit digging was out of the question. I could still manage to take photographs though, and I think today's gem of my beloved boys is my favourite of Project #366 so far.

And now it's time for some more painkillers, a hot bath and bed. I'm hoping for a really quiet week.

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